Leading Yourself and Leading People successfully


Coaching Seminar “Leadership and Personality” at the Weingarten Monastery held by Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hohl


Twenty-four international students of the MBA program “Green Economy and Digital Innovation” spent three days together for personal reflection, innovative project work, and team and personal development in the premises of the largest baroque Basilica north of the Alps. The MBA program coordinator Prof. Dr. Holger Günzel, emphasized the importance of cross-cultural leadership development training. The attendees benefit highly from the learnings and transfer the knowledge in their daily activities at the companies to overcome their challenges.


Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hohl (an internationally experienced Leadership expert and a former executive at BMW, EADS, and ZF) focused his innovative training contents and practically oriented methods on “Leading Yourself” and “Leading People” based on his own and published “Role and Competence model of Leadership.”


Topics such as “secrets of inner strength” (resilience as a success factor), self-awareness, career anchors, emotional intelligence and feedback through an unique “Olympic training exercise” to reduce the “blind spots” and to improve the “personal performance of the students (“me as a brand”) have been dealt in his exciting sessions.


“Strengthen the strength and successfully manage the weaknesses (= potential for personal improvement) is an essential maxim of Professor Eberhard Hohl. In his Leadership seminar, he also practiced new leadership approaches and “coaching in the team”, dealing with real situations of the student’s everyday business life in a powerful resource – and solution-oriented way.


Leopold Heigl, an MBA student in the first semester, stated: “I enjoyed the days we spent on our leadership coaching offsite. It strengthened my ability to quickly adapt to different teams and tasks since we got the possibility to develop and get to know essential leadership principles through team tasks. We also worked on individual leadership issues we face in our professional settings. The highlight of our trip was a visit to the company Edelrid where we were introduced to a genuinely sustainable SME. It was interesting to see how Edelrid combines practicality, security, and sustainability in B2C and B2B segments. A personal insight from the product development manager made me understand that sustainability is a core element of Edelrid’s products and all of their developments. Also, the general approach of sharing sustainable innovations to drive sustainability in Edelrid’s market is a great way to enable a greener environment.”

As Leopold Heigl mentioned, the company visit to Edelrid in Isny/Allgäu with a guided plant tour and dialogs with managers has been a highlight of the Leadership block seminar on the third and last day.


Edelrid was founded in 1863. In 2017, Edelrid merged with the climbing shoe brand RED CHILI. Edelrid stands for “innovation, knowledge and sustainability” with their products and solutions, from climbing equipment in mountain sports and indoor climbing to personal protective equipment for professional application. After the presentation of the company and fruitful discussions with Mr. Daniel Gebel, Head of Innovation & Patents department, and Ms. Sarah Lenz, Manager CSR the MBA students got an impressive tour through the Rope factory by Dr. Malte Strozyk, Development Ropes/Lines. Thanks to Ms. Anja Textor, Manager HR, and the entire Edelrid team for giving this great opportunity and taking time out for the students.


After the guided tour, the students got the possibility to climb up the indoor wall of 14 meters with different difficulty grades under the guidance of Mr. Julian Reischmann & team. The big challenge at the end of the stunning visit “energized” the students and the program ended on a high note.


In the wrap-up and lessons learned session at the end of the Leadership seminar on the third day at the venue Edelrid, the MBA students stated their insights, feedback, learning transfer, and action plans for the “day-to-day” business situations.

The Leadership seminar with Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hohl will be continued in a second session in January 2023 in Munich with the main topic “Successful Change- and Innovation Management” (“Winning people for change”).





Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Günzel