AI in Digital HR can make the difference in the war for (millennial) talent


Together with the Digital-HR-Innovation unit of Deutsche Telekom 32 Master Students of the Digital Technology Entrepreneurship Program of Munich University of Applied Sciences developed and proved concepts on how AI could be used in digital HR.


The main focus areas were productivity and (similarly!) work-live-balance enhancement measures for white collar workers, optimized learning and development applications and bespoke staff allocation tools for projects based on machine learning. Not just that the students were able to apply AI in the HR function to develop viable business concepts. Furthermore, their distinct “millennial-view” on the topic was notable for the experts from Deutsche Telekom Volker Krön & Adrian Debbeler and Prof. Daniel Ittstein. AI seems to have the potential to make THE difference in the war for (millennial) talent.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Ittstein